Microtek UPS JM SW 2500/24V


Microtek UPS JM SW 2500/24V

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Key features

  • Micro Processor based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade Mosfets.Pure Sinewave UPS.
  • Static UPS with LCD Display.Pure Sinewave Output.
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life & Quick Charging.
  • Smart Overload Sense, Short Circuit and Over Temperature Protection.
  • Safely suited to run Computers & Other IT Applications.
  • Generator Compatible.
Rated Capacity 2.2 KVA
Output Power 1760 Watts
Battery 2 Battery System (24 VDC)
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Warranty 2 Years

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Microtek UPS JM SW is Jumbo Sinewave High Capacity Series Models with Intelli Pure Sinewave Technology which ensures Noiseless, Safe and Efficient Performance.

It is Static UPS with LCD Display. Pure Sinewave Output. Micro Processor Based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade Mosfets. Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life & Quick Changing.

Input Voltage (Standard range) 110 V ~ 280 V
Input Voltage (Narrow range) 180V ~ 265 V
Output Voltage (Mains Mode) Same as Input
Output Voltage (UPS Mode) 180~230 V (± 10V)
Output Waveform (Mains Mode) Same as Input
Output Waveform (UPS Mode) Pure Sinewave
Switchover from Mains to UPS and UPS to Mains Automatic
UPS Transfer Time ≤ 15 msec.
Design Micro Controller Based Design
Battery Charging Current 17 Amps ± 3 Amps
UPS Overload / UPS Short-circuit ≥110% / ≥ 300%
Browns on Mains Voltage 100V ± 10V
Efficiency (Battery Mode) > 80%
Auto Reset Feature Yes
Input DC Range 21 V ~ 28.4 V

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 49 × 44 × 32 cm


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